NaPoWriMo Day 2

A prompt from

Reborn on Lan Tian Lu

lawn tea-in loo woo sher woo how

at least those are the sounds

my mouth made in China where I lived

for one year, the brush brush

of twig brooms sweeping streets against the hush

of dark early morn I was reborn each day

on Lan Tian Lu as I walked to work

pausing to watch elderly Chinese neighbors

in lightweight pajamas practicing tai chi

slowly arms extended through loose-fitting sleeves

and slowly my lungs filled with breath

I expanded and collapsed under their spell

then the monsoon season began to swell

and the tai chi slowed ever more

as my breath became still, in a daze

I wandered out into the rains

and tilted my face

toward the sky

- Elizabeth

Reborn on Lan Tian Lu





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