First Reader Submission

On Valentine's Day, my partner surprised me with a gift. He came to this website, tapped on the poetic inspiration generator until he felt a spark of inspiration, and then he wrote a poem. He then typed it up, added the website logo and a screen capture, and then printed and included it in a Valentine's Day card. Here it is...

I was completely surprised. I am still absolutely floored. He doesn't read poetry, doesn't write poetry, doesn't journal or write for pleasure. And yet he did this magnificent thing. He said that he researched the poetic form "quatrain" and then wrote this. He said that I could post it here as the first reader submission. Thank you, Matt =)

Child you have nothing to fear.

Worry not, I am always here.

I hear your cries, like a storm’s shout,

Howling loud with much dread and doubt.

Let not this tempest mute your ear.

Child you have nothing to fear.

Hush Beloved. Listen to me.

Love is my song; Do not worry.

May my melody calm your mind,

As tethered ropes of doubt unwind.

Child you have nothing to fear.

Release your angst and shed no tear.

With love comes peace, a dove so white,

Embraced by the wind, held in flight.

So too are You, with Me so near.

Child you have nothing to fear.





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